Frequently Asked Questions
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General FAQs
What is Aurora Concierge and how does it work?
A: Aurora Concierge is the way we recognize our most frequent travellers. When you fly a minimum of 12 one-way flights with us in a calendar year, you will be eligible for recognition as an Aurora Concierge Silver member. This status provides you with additional benefits and recognition when travelling with Canadian North. Aurora Concierge Gold and Aurora Concierge Diamond are the next levels that you can achieve, with added benefits at each level. For complete details on the benefits you receive as an Aurora Concierge member, click here.
My Aeroplan Points did not go through. How do I collect those once I've flown?
A: It can take up to 6 weeks for your Aeroplan Points to appear in your Aeroplan account. If they do not appear, please ensure your Aeroplan number has been added to your Aurora Rewards account and they will be tracked automatically moving forward. In order to collect missing miles with Aeroplan, you can request a mileage credit online with Aeroplan, by clicking here.
I've moved. How do I change my address?
A: All changes to your account information can be made online at The only exception to that is if your name has changed. In that event, you must provide us with a copy of your legal certificate of marriage or divorce.
I forgot my password. What do I do?
A: The Sign In area of the Aurora Rewards website provides a 'forgot your password' link. Once clicked, you are asked to enter the email address and last name on your Aurora Rewards account. You are then presented with the security question you set-up when you created your profile. If no security question is set-up, or you don't remember the answer, a link is available to have a password reset email sent to the email address on your account. By clicking the link in the email received, you are able to reset your password.
Earning Points FAQs
How do I earn points and what will I earn for the fare that I paid?
A: You earn points once you have enrolled in Aurora Rewards and provide your Aurora Rewards number when you are making your booking. If you forgot to add your Aurora Rewards number at the time of booking, it can be added at the airport upon check-in.
You will earn points based on the mileage that you have flown as well as the fare you have paid. Click here for details.
Are there any flights or fares that are not eligible to earn Aurora Rewards Points on?
A: Yes. Yes. Flight 150-159, 500-599, 7000-7999, and 9000-9999 are not eligible for points. Aeroplan Awards, AIR MILES Awards, Employee and Industry Discount, Prize Winner tickets or any other free tickets are not eligible to collect Aurora Rewards Points.
Can I earn both Aeroplan Points and Aurora Rewards Points?
A: Yes, you can earn Aeroplan Points and Aurora Rewards Points for every eligible flight you take. You must be enrolled as an Aurora Rewards member in order to earn Aurora Rewards Points as well as Aeroplan Points, and ensure your Aeroplan number has been added to your Aurora Rewards account. When making your reservation, simply provide your Aeroplan number and your Aurora Rewards points will be automatically credited.
Can all my family members collect points in one account?
A: Membership in Aurora Rewards is on an individual basis, so all family members must be enrolled in order to earn points in their own account.
I'm traveling with my child. Can they collect points?
A: Children can collect points if a ticket has been purchased for them. They must have their own Aurora Rewards number in order to start earning.
How can I earn more points?
A: Be sure to provide your Aurora Rewards number every time you fly with us, and visit the "My Offers" section of often to find bonus point offers.
I forgot to add my Aurora Rewards number in my reservation. Can I still get credit?
A: Yes, by completing the Request Missing Points form online.
I have more than one Aurora Rewards number so how do I combine accounts?
A: If you have more than one account, please email [email protected] for assistance.
How long does it take for my points to appear in my account?
A: It can take up to one week for Aurora Rewards Points to appear in your account.
Why are my "Available Points" different than my "Qualifying Points"?
A: Available Points include all points that you have earned from flying, as well as from bonuses or contests. Bonus and contest points do not count towards your progress towards Aurora Concierge status but they are available for you to use to redeem for flights, gift cards or merchandise.
Do Aurora Rewards points expire?
A: Yes, Aurora Rewards points will expire two years (24 months) after the month they were earned if there has been no other earning activity by the member within those two years.
Can I convert my Aurora Rewards Points into Aeroplan, or, my Aeroplan Points into Aurora Rewards Points?
A: No. While you can collect in both programs, they are individual memberships and points/miles earned in each can only be redeemed through their respective programs.
Using My Points FAQs
How do I redeem my points for a flight or other rewards?
A: You can redeem your points for merchandise and gift cards online, and through our Call Centre for flights.
Will I need to pay anything when I redeem for a flight?
A: Yes. Taxes and Surcharges are collected on award redemption tickets. The amount will vary based on the itinerary.
Can I make a change to my flights that I have booked with my points?
A: Yes. Changes are permitted for $75 plus applicable taxes. This fee is waived for Aurora Concierge Gold and Aurora Concierge Diamond members. Changes must be made at least two hours prior to departure.
I don't have enough points to redeem for the trip/item I want. Can I purchase points to make up the difference?
A: We do not offer point purchase at this time.
I can no longer travel. Are Aurora Rewards Points refundable?
A: Yes. Provided you cancel your flight two hours prior to departure, the points can be returned to your account for a fee of $75 plus GST. This fee is waived for Aurora Concierge Gold and Diamond members; however, the advance notice of cancellation is still required.
Can I make a stopover on my flight that I redeemed my points for?
A: Stopovers are not permitted unless it is a forced overnight due to our schedule. The stopover is then permitted.
Can I redeem my points for travel one-way?
A: Yes, one-way travel starts at 7,200 points for a short-haul and 12,000 points for a long-haul.
Can I leave from one community and return to another?
A: No.
What is a short-haul flight?
A: A short-haul is travel that is under 625 miles, or, within the Kitikmeot and to/from Yellowknife; within the Qikiqtani and to/from Iqaluit; between Rankin Inlet and Iqaluit or Yellowknife.
Do you have any blackout periods for travel?
A: No, however, seats are limited at peak travel periods and may not be available on all flights, so you will want to request your travel well in advance.
Can my travel agent book my free flights?
A: Your Aurora Rewards account is similar to a bank account and has a secure log-in with your username and password. It is set up this way to protect the points you have worked to earn. Therefore, only the member may authorize the use of their Aurora Rewards Points for any redemption.
Do I have to pay for shipping of my gift cards/merchandise?
A: No. We cover the cost of shipping.
Can I pay to have my item shipped quicker than regular Canada Post?
A: Not at this time.